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In my opinion, one of the most dominant characteristics needed to achieve success is esteem. No scandal, scheme, or trade on inside information can amount to the possibilities offered by a trust in one’s self. A confidence in you, and your abilities, is a sort of faith. A bountiful assurance that enables you to turn concepts into concrete (See “Inception”). Seemingly boundless, it will push you to the very limits of your existence because you know you’re capable of more. Esteem will not let you settle or conform. It is pushing me at this very moment. That is precisely why a majority of adversity encountered will be an attack on your mental and spiritual state of being. Not physical. Adversity is inevitable, but our reaction prophecies our reality. A healthy self-esteem means it must be exercised. Different phases. The process of heavy lifting, a burden if you will, pain, endurance, and then the most important, healing. You can break a leg. Sure. You can tear a muscle, a cut even, and in time it will heal. But if one’s spirit is broken. If one’s mental mirror is shattered, the damage can be insurmountable. Healing may not ever take place. To the contrary, if decided to use these adverse conditions as a chance to sweat, the strength  of one’s confidence will be horrifying to those who do not possess it. To a person who constantly question themselves, an encounter with an esteemed individual is feared greatly. They know. So they’ll do whatever necessary to create an even playing field, which is an attempted assassination of the very thing you’ve been bench pressing. Your esteem. The rumors, the gossip, the lies, and the irony. Truth be told, most who are threatened by you act out of fearful admiration. They desire to have your confidence, but do not wish to break a sweat, so they lie. And lay idle they’ll continue to do. Do not, I repeat do not, let this phase you. It is a part of the burden we must bare as achievers. Just add that weight, very little I might add, to your bar and press.

You see our society breeds dependence and vanity. An addiction to public perception and opinion. A necessity of relevance. Low self-esteem is a multi-billion dollar corporation. Just think of how much money is given out of vain obligations. Lives have been taken over a sneaker release. Concepts created to make you feel inferior are concrete as well. "If you buy this then you’re sexy". "If the diamond isn’t big enough he doesn’t really love you". "Wear this to be cool like the rest”. Short-term is the key component in vanity, and only the latest is acknowledged. While esteem remains eternal. Esteem says “My queen you are beautiful already”. Confidence screams “My king you are to be envied by your faith alone, not your possessions”. And if your look/life isn’t accepted then make it your signature. To clarify there is a stark difference between confidence and arrogance. We should never look down or belittle someone because of what they seem to lack. At that moment your strength has become an ailment. Remember that others have a signature as well. Esteem is imperative and there will be times when you are the only one. And I say that is all you need.




The Pen-Guin


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